These street wanderers are picked up from the streets, 'the children, as the vagabonds are referred to here, are bathed and groomed lovingly, bringing them back into the fellowship of scoiety on a physcial plane. That is the start of the application of the psycological, emotional and spiritual balm to the wounded souls, by the dedicated persons & volunteers, who live with them, eat with them and pray with them. Psychiatric treatment is extended to those in need of it, which is for the vast majority of those brought to the ashrams.

PARISUTHA NARKARUNAI ILLAM in the process of growth

On Nov 26th of 2000, God has given the opportunity to start the ashram. Now there are 230 inmates both men and women.


Partially recovered inmates are encouraged to do useful activities such as assisting disabled brothers and sisters, help in kitchen, washing utensils, clothes, general cleanliness gardening.

The Mother house at Chennaippara (Thrissur, Kerala), functioning as a training and retreat centre was inaugrated by Blessed Mother Teresa on 19th July 1994...

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Rev. Fr. George Kuttickal M.C.B.S.(Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament) was inspired by the meticulous care given by a group of naturalists...

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One of F.B.A's missions is to build communities, communities of love, fellowship and brotherhood. These families or communities thrive on the Love of God...

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"Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me..." - Jesus Christ (The Gospel of Mathew 25:40)

A Rehabilitation Centre for


"He lifts the poor from dust, raises the needy from misery. He makes them companions of princes and puts them in palaces."

Come, see and become friends of the lost brothers & sisters and be an instrument to fulfill God's plan.


  • Swarg Dwar Ashram, Chattarpur, Mehrauli, New Delhi – 09818041834
  • Padre Pio Bhavan, 08130730793.
  • Chotti Teresa Sadan, Bakshi Nagar, Jammu & Kashmir – 0191–2584977
  • Paramprasad Ashram, Akhnoor, Jammu & Kashmir – 09419642934
  • Karunalaya, Satna, M.P – 09424740052
  • Thritwashram, Nagawara, Bangalore – 09945832591
  • Thirumukha Ashram, Voderahalli, Jalahalli, Bangalore – 080–64188649, 09886623996
  • Parisuthanarkarunaillam, Veerapuram, Avadi, Chennai – 09962337067, 09444864360
  • Lourdu Matha Divya Karunya Ashram, Nagaram, R.R.Dt., A P – 040 – 27141854, 09989330855
  • Jeeva Samrakshanalaya, Budwel, Rajendra Nagar. A.P. – Ph. 040-24016048.
  • Prathyaashamunambu,Chalakudy, Kerala – 0480–2720889, 09446248934
  • Mother Teresa Sisubhavan, Perumpadav, Kannur, Kerala – 0460–2280375, 09447645626
  • Divyakarunya Gurukulam, Chempamthotti, Kannur , Kerala – 0460–2267914, 09747301088
  • Divya Karunya Thapovanam, Nellipara, Alakodu, Kannur Dt. – 0460–2256575
  • Mariam Tresia Gurukulam, Kozhikode Dt., Kerala – 0495–3164585
  • Snehalayam, Kanhangadu, Kasarkodu Dt., Kerala – 0467–2244180, 09446652621
  • Marvallah Dayara, Malayattoor, Ernakulam, Kerala – 0484–2469009, 09947761570
  • Bethleham Ashram, Perumpalli, Kallar, Kasarkodu, Kerala – 0467–2224142
  • Jeevan Jyoti Ashram, Chully, Kasarkodu, Kerala – 0467–2248498, 09495027870
  • Maria Sadan, Pala, Kottayam Dt., Kerala